If you have great knowledge in an area and want to create a second income then you are perfect for the Teacher role.  We want experienced and dedicated Teachers that believe in a community circulating around improvement.

Besides assisting in creating courses at the most awesome community we pulled together a package of additional benefits for you who bring in new and active Strivers. The more you produce the better will you be rewarded.

Create Courses

Access the professional built-in platform to create incredible courses that you can sell to your students and all Strivers in the community.


Award your students with personal certificates. The ideal way to prove a students accomplishments.

Recruit Striving Students

Recruit new students with your affiliate link and earn commission on their purchases forever


Set your own Pricing and start earning. The price needs to be in line with what the course offer in quality and content.

Lessons, Quizzes, Certificates...

Build your courses with Lessons, Topics, Quizzes, Questions, Certificates and Assignments, all tools to make professional courses.

Earn Commission

As an active Teacher you will earn a high commission on your own courses when Strivers purchase them.

Built-in Dashboard

As a Teacher you will get access to the built-in dashboard, enabling you to start building your courses directly. We also have multiple videos for your support.

Course Reports

You have all the tools to overview your courses and Students progress. I

We offer the best online course creation tool



You can create unlimited number of courses in any field you want.

Yes, we aim to give our Teachers as much power as possible. Certainly will we review and have a dialogue with you if we think you are over- or undercharging. Price needs to be rational.

Our tool is very intuitive, simple and professionally built. Some learning curve is needed as with everything else. But don’t hesitate, you will find all the tutorials on our website that you will need. If you have any questions you can contact the Strive Town profile in the Community.

Yes, if you are recruiting Strivers with your affiliate link you will get a commission whenever those people spend money at Strive Town. Lifetime commissions.


Your courses will be manually reviewed and approved by Strive Town. It needs to be relevant and interesting in a specific area of knowledge.