Strivers Code

Strivers Code

A Real Striver

Is the person that values Personal Growth, Creating value and that has the Ambition combined with the pure workforce to make their goals a reality. He or she is also a gentlemen and honors moral and ethics. Following ones passion is understood to be the most noble thing to do with ones life. It’s within our passion the Striver finds meaning but also where he actually can reach excellence.

A famous person once said that you got to love what you do, because that will be the only way to keep going when the shadows embrace you in the hard times. It’s in love and vision you have the light and strength to keep going even when the odds is not in your favor.

A Striver always bets on himself. He makes the odds tip in his favor and he does not care that a task seems impossible, because he knows that with relentless will, drive and hunger anything is possible.

Strive Town Rules

Strive Town is the community for driven people across the world. We are focused on improvement, hard work, personal growth, wealth, reaching our high goals and more. It’s about sharing our striving journey together, to get tips, motivation, education and also to help, share and progress together. This means that the content that is accepted on the platform should be relevant to it’s members in these lines. We do not allow discrimination, bullying, bad wording, spamming or any other irrelevant content that does not comply with the Strive Town spirit.

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