• Members Map

    We are proud to have created the members map, it is an awesome feature to visually see each member of the platform. Find likeminded in your area or in another country. Use the search function to navigate to specific profiles.

  • User Blog

    This feature lets each Striver keep their own blog, it will be a more structured way to deliver content than using the blog posts. Perhaps you want to track your progress, teach others about a topic, then this will be the perfect way to do it. We are proud of having this feature now up and running.

  • Striver Shop

    The Striver Shop is launched and is now giving each Striver the chance to wear the pride of being a Striver. Claim awesome Merchandises and help spread the word of our global movement.

  • Personal Goals

    It's now possibly to create personal goals/tasks in your profile. A good way to keep track of deadlines and what needs to be done. One of the best features is the email reminder when a goal is due.

  • Document System

    It's now possible to add documents in Activity Feeds, Groups and Private Messages. A crucial tool to share knowledge or get feedback on work.

  • Privacy Control

    You can now control if your posts should be shown public, to all members, your friends or only yourself. This is possible on everything you post, from pictures documents and text.

  • Ambassadors

    We have now launched the Ambassador Area to empower the benefits of recruiting new Strivers to the community. This will be a perfect feature for Strivers that really want to help the community grow. You will get 20% life-time commission when they purchase anything from the Strivers you recruit. If you are a good promoter you will also get rewarded in several ways.

  • Courses

    Courses have now been launched. It means you can participate in courses to increase your knowledge or claim certificates. It will contain free courses, paid Courses and official Strive Town Certificates to claim. This will be a perfect fit for the Strivers aiming to Boost their Career and Personal Growth.

  • Teacher

    We have now launched a Premium Teacher Membership that gives you the online tools to create courses and sell at Strive Town. We believe in empowering each Striver and this gives you the possibility to earn on your expertise. The teachers will get a high commission on his courses.

  • Goals, Tasks and Milestone Tracking

    We are developing a feature for our Strivers to track and share their goals. We believe this is an essential part for the platform. Goals, progress and tasks combined with discussion, tips and sharing these will be an ess on our journey of improvements.

  • Host Events

    When we expand the Event feature you will be able to host your own events, sell tickets and more! It will be really neat with a calendar, easy front-end solution and everything you need to reach out to your community.

  • Activity Points

    We will add a ranking structure that will award active Strivers on the platform. This will include Ranks and Badges, Premium access and most importantly, the official proof that you are a real Striver, engaged in our global movement.

  • Polls - Ask the Community

    We are adding the ability to publish polls into activity feeds, for other Strivers to vote on and then view the results. It's the perfect tool to ask the community about an idea, logo design or anything you can come up with.

  • Video Meeting in Groups

    We are adding the ability to create and host Zoom meetings from groups, with a list of upcoming and past Zoom recordings. We will also let you create Zoom meetings and view recordings that can easily be placed into pages and course content. Say hello to your group!

  • Mobile App

    Our ambition is to launch a mobile app when our Striver community has grown to over 10,000 Strivers. It will be a perfect fit for the community as you can connect even easier through your phone. Notifications, courses, groups, messaging and personal goals will all be closer to you when we reach this milestone.