Do you want the most out of life?

Strive Town is the global movement of ambitious people that you have been waiting for. This community is focused on improvement and fulfilling our own potential together. Access like minded in your field and never look back.
If you aspire to any of the three building blocks of Ambition, Earning Money or Personal Growth then you are a valid Striver.
Welcome to the family.

Maximize Potential

Every Striver is filled with ambition of reaching their goals and doing the work that’s necessary.  We aspire to fulfill our potential and claim the life of our dreams.

Earn Money

We also aspire of accumulating wealth and we believe that wealth comes from creating value. Reaching profit should be the proof of running a successful business.

Personal Growth

We are the foundation for our success and in order to maximize our potential we need to focus on who we are, how we feel and what we need to do to become what we wish to be.


The benefits of being a Striver is many. You’ll access the Activity feeds, Social Groups, Own Profile, Create blog posts, Discounts, Articles, Documents, like minded and more.


As a Striver you get a personal referral link to recruit more Strivers with and as a reward you will get 10% lifetime commission on their purchases. Find all benefits here


Become a Teacher and create your own courses in any field. It will be visible in the course directory and a specific social group. The perfect way of creating value and earning.

Community Features

Your Own Profile

Profile Details

Customize your own profile to let the Strivers community know what you dream of accomplishing and creating.


Connect with other Strivers around the globe. We all have at least one thing in common and that is high ambition.


On your own timeline you can see everything that relates to your own activity on the platform and the people you follow.

Personal Blog

You have the possibility now to write your own blog and share with the community. Perhaps it's about your life journey.

Join Groups

Strive With Likeminded

Join groups that interest you or create new ones and invite your friends. Every group wishes to share, learn and Strive together.

Ask Questions in the Forum

In each Group there is a Forum where you can ask questions or start a discussion. It's a better place to have longer exchanges.

Groups In All Fields

Access like minded people in multiple fields, with everyone that are motivated to reach success just like you.


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Activity Feed

Share your thoughts

The coolest aspect of Strive Town is the power to share and dig into what others are doing. Join this awesome movement now.

Share Content

Share your favorite videos with the community, or share your own videos and get feedback from your fellow Strivers.

Personal Blog

New Blog Post

Easily create your own personal blog, write as many articles as you want and it will be shown and shared with the entire community. Perfect for longer and bigger contexts.

Pictures, Videos

Add needed videos or pictures in the blog post. Great way to increase the depth of the article.

Members Map

Global Map

Find likeminded and your fellow Strivers on the map or in the members directory. Filter on interests and more. Really cool.


Found an interesting member that's also working on starting a business, perhaps he is close to you. Find a mentor!


Share, Learn and Grow

Claim discounts on Corporate Finance Institute,,, and many more.

Strive With Likeminded

As a member of the Strivers Community you will get a 20% discount on all purchases in our Store. Now is the time to become your best self.


Recieve Free E-Books on starting a business, earning money online and career boosting.

Striver Shop

Striver Merchandise

Wear our Striver Merch as a proof of being a dedicated Striver and loyal to the community. Join the family of only dedicated people.


Recieve Free E-Books on starting a business, earning money online and career boosting.